30 sec in fruit heaven

30 sec in fruit heaven is a practical substitute of fresh fruit. Its amazingly simple to prepare healthy juice, dessert, smoothie, milkshake or whether this frozen fruit pulp just enjoy as it is. You can use it for cooking; baking or you can experiment with it as top chefs.

"30 sec in fruit heaven” retains all the nutrients and vitamins, its rich in antioxidants, contain no additives, it has authentic taste, color and smell of fresh fruit. You will have no longer dirty desk, no need to skin of the fruit, no spoiled whole fruit, which you throw away. Neatly arranged in the freezer its always handy and "fresh" and will last up to 24 months.


Açaico is an excellent ingredient for preparation of any recipe. Açai fruit with its taste and fragrance resembles chocolate and forest fruit. Use of Açaico is very wide, it is suitable for preparation of juices, smoothies, milkshakes, alcoholic and alcohol-free cocktails and a variety of desserts.

Açaimania offers not only practical 200g Açaico packs ideal for home cooking but also 1000ml packs suitable for preparing variety of beverages or dishes in large. You can find inspiration in our recipe section and eat healthy with Açaico.


MOOO! Frozen Yogurt is a premium product of the highest quality. Due to its low fat content and presence of probiotic cultures, frozen yogurt with its lighter and more delicate taste, is considered a much healthier alternative to ice cream. Popular amongst children, active people and those who generally care about their health with a preference of high quality foods.

Acaimania offers 4 tantalizing flavors - natural, mango, and wild-berries and our secret Açaico recipe made with Brazilian açai berries. Each flavor was created by combining only the finest quality yogurt and fruit puree.