Açai & Sports

Acai, nutritious food for athletes

The culture of consumption of acai is especially famous in the world of sport, and particularly in America. Its properties have become the favorite dish of exercise enthusiasts. The acai is set as the staple food in the diet for athletes.
- It brings a lot of energy, because it contains more fat than avocado;
- Contains sugars to provide instant energy,
- Has Omega 9 for cardiovascular health and also balances the fat from our diet.
- A small intake of protein of high biological value;
- High in calcium, important for bones and muscle contraction;
- Low sodium content (salt).
- High in antioxidant plant substances such as anthocyanins, which help fight oxidative stress of exercise.
The most common way of consuming acai is in the preparation of Açaí na tigela ( "acai in the bowl").

Acai can help in slimming diets
The acai is a supplement marketed for weight loss and obesity. This is due to the heart-healthy properties that it owns, and high satiating power of the pulp, palm heart or acai juice.